Trick-or-Treat Yo'self to Cookies & Cocktails

Author: Christine Vanover

Kristen LoVullo is the owner of Cookies & Cocktails here in Las Vegas and is also a proud membership partner of the Twinkle Toast Members Only Club. We are thrilled to announce that Kristen is back to hosting in-person cookie decorating classes and wanted to take this opportunity for us all to learn more about her events as well as about the woman behind the beautiful and delicious pastries we know and love.

When did you launch Cookies & Cocktails and what inspired you to do so? 

I launched Cookies & Cocktails on Valentine’s Day of 2020. Talk about timing... haha! I was inspired about six years ago when I took my first wine and canvas class experience. I thought, “if people are this interested in painting canvases that they will probably never hang in their home, than they would probably love learning how to decorate cookies that they can actually enjoy with family and friends time and time again.” Add in a glass or two of good wine, and it makes for an even better experience!

How long have you been working in the Pastry Arts and what has been your most notable career achievement to date?  

I’ve been in this industry since I graduated from culinary school in 2005, so sixteen years. It’s hard to pick a standout career achievement but here are maybe the top three: 

  • I had the opportunity, while working at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, to make chocolate showpieces that were on display.

  • I opened my own cake studio/bakery, called Gimme Some Sugar, here in Las Vegas.

  • I had the opportunity to star in a few shows on the Food Network. 

It’s so surreal to think that each of these things were the ultimate goals of mine sixteen years ago and as they have been achieved, I continue to have new creative ambitions and new goals. 

We know you are AMAZING at decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Which type of pastry is your favorite to make?  

Good question. It’s definitely a tough one to answer but I’d have to say Macarons. They are also my favorite to indulge in!


Where do you find inspiration for your event themes and designs?

Everywhere! I find inspiration in the aisles of Target, during Pinterest binges and in movies. Other creative artists are also big influences.

What has your favorite event theme been thus far?

Well, I’m FINALLY back to teaching in-person classes after COVID and I have to say that the Fall "Sweater Weather" Cookie workshop from last weekend was my favorite. I love all things Fall: pumpkins, pumpkin spice and sweaters and the designs really captured all of that.

How many different venues do you currently partner with in town?

I am currently partnered with Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits, AR Workshop, and Bad Beat Brewing but I’m always interested in expanding that list. I love partnering with and supporting amazing local businesses.

What age do you need to be to attend a Cookies & Cocktails event?

It depends on the workshop. If they are hosted at a brewery or bar you must be 21+ but at a DIY studio, you can be any age.

Do you ever host private events or parties?

Absolutely! I offer private events with eight guests or more - birthdays, holidays, any occasion. Events can be hosted at your residence or one of my partnered locations.

What prompted you to launch a Cookies & Cocktails clothing line? 

I originally wanted my own line of merchandise, and then it just snowballed into making fun designs that were relatable to the Cookies & Cocktails concept. My parents also have a screen-printing business, so I had a background in printing already.

What’s the best way for someone to get in touch with you? 


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